KSV Advisory Canada’s Leading Boutique Advisory, Restructuring and Valuations Firm.

About KSV


As Canada’s leading boutique financial advisory, valuations and restructuring firm, we provide practical and timely advice to companies and their stakeholders. We identify opportunities and solutions, and work tirelessly to achieve exemplary results. 

We have built a reputation for performing mandates that require critical thought, creative solutions and actionable plans. Our recommendations are concise and thorough.

Our team of restructuring and valuation professionals is engaged by lawyers, business owners, boards of directors, regulators, banks and other lenders, unsecured creditors, employee groups, boards of directors and shareholders. Our mandates include:

  • assessing financial and operational performance;
  • developing restructuring plans that address operational underperformance, liquidity management and the capital structure;
  • performing investigations, valuations and financial modelling for companies and their stakeholders;
  • providing transaction advisory services, including quality of earnings reports, fairness opinions and corporate valuations; 
  • conducting M&A processes; and
  • testifying as expert witnesses in litigious matters.

Our restructuring team is routinely appointed to act as a court officer in restructuring proceedings under various Canadian legislation. We perform restructuring assignments across Canada and the United States and have deep experience acting in cross-border mandates. We have acted on some of Canada’s most significant restructurings, including the restructuring of the three largest Canadian Tobacco Companies, Sears Canada, US Steel Canada, Ravelston, Canwest Global Communications Corp., Nortel and Urbancorp, among countless others.

Our team of damages experts has delivered far in excess of 1,000 reports and has testified over 80 times in Canadian Provincial Courts, Canadian Federal Courts, the Supreme Court of Singapore, in front of the Canadian Patent Medicine Prices Review Board, as well as in international and domestic arbitration proceedings. We have provided expert evidence on damages quantification, business value and fraud in small cases to matters where billions of dollars are at stake.

We have also advised countless companies and their stakeholders in virtually all sectors, including automotive and industrialaerospace and aviation, defence, agriculture, cannabis, retail and fashion, food and beverage, hospitality, gaming and leisure, insurancefinancial services, intellectual property and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and distribution, mining, energytelecommunications, media and technology, real estate, construction and many more.