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Companies in all sectors may encounter challenges that threaten their viability and risk rendering them insolvent. In these cases, business leaders and key stakeholders need to seek out the help of trusted advisors who can quickly understand their issues and provide solutions for resolving the financial stress.

At KSV, our restructuring experts are experienced in helping businesses in the most difficult circumstances. As Canada’s leading boutique restructuring firm, we leverage our experience in restructuring, interim management, valuations, and forensic accounting to deliver successful outcomes for clients. We service clients across a wide range of industries both domestically and abroad in some of the largest and most complex matters in North America.

Service Areas

Business Advisory

We work with clients to investigate their major issues and develop strategies for addressing them. Our approach incorporates research and consultation to determine critical issues and form actionable recommendations that are in the best interests of the business and its stakeholders. Our advisors pride themselves on the strong, long-lasting relationships they have built with banks, private equity firms, alternative lenders, investors, business owners, and their advisors who rely on us to implement creative solutions.

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Corporate Restructuring

We advise clients on how to restructure their businesses and protect the interests of their key stakeholders, developing turnaround plans that identify the most significant issues and strategies to address them. Our restructuring team has been involved in some of North America’s largest and most complex matters, working as court-appointed officers under provincial and federal statutes as well as cross-border mandates. In fulfilling these roles, we are more than an independent officer of the court; we are an active participant that takes pride in facilitating a successful restructuring that is in the best interest of the business and its stakeholders.

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Securities and Regulatory Affairs

We assist securities and regulatory agencies when issues arise, both provincially and federally. We have developed an understanding of the statutes which govern the operations of these agencies and how to effect solutions based on the regulatory environment.

Our team’s experience in restructuring, interim management, valuations, and forensic accounting in a broad range of industries is drawn upon to successfully execute these matters.

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