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Goudas Food Products and Investments Limited

Goudas Food Products and Investments Limited (“Goudas”) was engaged in the packaging and sale of packaged and canned goods, which it sold to ethnic grocers under the “Mr. Goudas” brand name. Goudas imported products from countries around the world, including China, the Philippines, Greece and Thailand. Goudas employed approximately 50 individuals and operated from leased premises in Toronto.

We were appointed by the Court as Receiver pursuant to an application made by Goudas’s senior lender. In that capacity, we dealt with all aspects of Goudas’s operations in order to continue its business and market its assets for sale, resulting in a transaction for the core assets of the business.

We also performed an investigation into the business and conduct of Goudas and its shareholder. The investigation resulted from the misappropriation of millions of dollars of assets.

  • Concord, ON
  • Advisory; Interim Receivership; Receivership
  • Advisor; Interim Receiver; Court-appointed Receiver
  • Manufacturing; Distribution

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