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Coromandel's Southview Gardens Project Sold For $68M

KSV Advisory featured in Storey article "Inside The $68M Court-Approved Sale Of Coromandel Properties' Southview Gardens I Storeys.com"

"On March 16, Peakhill and KSV Restructuring submitted an application to the court seeking approval to begin the sales process for Southview Gardens. 

KSV engaged Vancouver-based planning firm Pooni Group, who KSV says previously worked with Coromandel Properties and determined that "there is potential to increase creditor recovery if the property is sold as a redevelopment site rather than on its current use alone." 

KSV solicited proposals from six commercial brokerages, requesting background information about each firm's experience, a proposed marketing plan for the Southview Gardens property, an estimate of the value of the property, and their commission."