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Business Valuation: Purchase Price Dispute Re: Shares of A Canadian Investment Bank

We were retained by the employee shareholders of a Canadian investment bank to prepare an expert business valuation report in the context of a purchase price dispute. The employee shareholder group held a minority interest in the Canadian operating subsidiary of an international financial institution. The parent company acquired the employee shareholder interest in exchange for cash, shares, and contingent consideration. The minority shareholders alleged that the value of their proceeds from sale were adversely affected by misrepresentations and inappropriate conduct of the vendor.

We were retained to provide our opinion of the value of the minority interest held by the employee shareholders and the loss in value as a result of the alleged actions of the vendor. Our analysis included an assessment of the bank’s historical operations and outlook, a review of relevant purchase and sale documentation, and an independent assessment of the value of the sale proceeds. We provided our opinion of the loss of value arising from the alleged actions of the vendor.

Our valuation report was required for arbitration.