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Financial Loss

Our experience spans almost every sector in the economy, from aerospace to cattle farming, from forestry to cloud computing.  Our clients range in size from small entrepreneurial start-ups to the largest multinational companies in the world.  We have provided expert evidence in court/arbitration over 60 times.  A list of some of our recent cases in which we have testified is provided below. 

  • International Arbitration Matter (Automotive Parts Joint Venture in China)
  • Seedlings Life Science Ventures, LLC v. Pfizer Canada Inc., Court File No. T-608-17
  • Sino Forest Litigation Trust v. Poyry Management Consulting (Singapore) PTE Ltd. et al, Suit No. 285 of 2014 [1]
  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. vs. Pharmascience Inc. et al, Court File No. T-186-19 - (Affidavit)
  • The Dow Chemical Company, Dow Global Technologies Inc., and Dow Chemical Canada ULC v. Nova Chemicals Corporation.  Court File No. T-2051-10
  • Sleep Country Canada v. Sears Canada Inc., Court File No. T-1739-16 - (Affidavit)
  • In the matter of a Plan of Compromise or Arrangement of Nortel Networks Corporation et al – Court File No. 09-CL-7950 
  • Midland Resources Holding Limited, Alex Schnaider v. Michael Shtaif, ONSC 997

[1] In the Supreme Court of Singapore.